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Ralf Rottmann @ralf@xy.ag

Trying to cross post to and . Apologies for the “spam”! :)

Had a pretty intensive all-day workshop with a startup that R13W has invested into. Exhausted. Getting old. :-)

@Stefan Nabend! Welchen Stefan haben wir denn da?

Learned about pact.online, a confidential and free end-to-end encrypted file sharing service via @lewi.

Let's show some for the and the Foundation up in here!

@antonionardella I just checked and learned that I’ve got some 19k followers there. I didn’t post in a year or so :)

@leitmedium Haben sie Aufnahmen vom Shooting gezeigt?

Wondering whether I should “advertise” my mastodon instance on Google+. Does that still exist?

@oliver Awesome! It’s about time! Feel free to share and let’s build a nice little place which is more social than twitter!

Setting up my mastodon.

Testing apps for iOS, so far the Japanese (?) tootdon.club/ works very well, except for push notifications.

@wonkytonky Nah, it has been around for a while. The idea is, to have something like a federated Twitter, so no one instance rules it all.

@d Great username. It can’t get any shorter...